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Talent concept

The core values of our company are: learning, innovation, cooperation, and excellence. Innovative development and excellent service are the lifeblood of the company's development, and conscientious, responsible and passionate employees are the fundamental guarantee for the company's development. Under the mission of innovation serving human health, the company and its employees work together to develop, create value, and create the future.


Personnel training

According to the company's strategic development requirements and job qualification standards, we have designed a targeted series of training courses, including general management skills training at all levels, professional skills training at all levels, seminars at well-known universities, reading experience sharing sessions, benchmarking learning, job rotation, mentoring, and other ways and means, so that everyone can make full use of fragmented time to have sufficient learning paths and opportunities, and continuously improve their own abilities, At the same time, the company can also activate the talent team through the training mechanism, and reserve a rich talent force in the echelon.

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